Quectel EC25 PPP connect Failure

Dear Mahesh,
From the log you provide, we just can judge that the module have not dial up successful, because, it have not get the DNS address. So please help to double check the following information:
1.Use the following command to save the ppp log:
tail -f /var/log/syslog
2. Check the IP:
3. check the route, if PPP0 is not defalut route, you should add it, do not forget to ifconfig down eth0
4.Modify DNS setting file:
/etc /resolv.conf
/system/etc/ppp # vi /etc/resolv.conf

If all the above confirmation still cannot solve your issue, it is better to send email to support@quectel.com to get local support. You know if you want to order our module, you still need to contact our local FAE or sales. Thanks

Hello Kyson,
Thank you for the information.
I made the PPP0 as default route, Modem got connected to the Network and was able to ping to the URLs with resolv.conf file just the way by given by you.

Is there any way to make the resolv.conf file to get updated automatically by detecting the network , without making the changes to the file Manually?

Dear Mahesh,
Thanks for your update, i am glad to hear the good news.
Normally, it is no need to modify the resolv.conf file manually, it should have automatically. But some system may need have such issue, you may just need to modify one time, no need to modify again even restart your system. Please note it is the system issue, we just can solve it with such method. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,

  1. Are the DNS server IPs dependent on the Country region?
  2. Are the DNS server IPs dependent on the SIM Networks which we are using?

Or is it Universal in both the conditions?

Dear Mahesh,
1.it is the network software configuration, normally it depends on the network supplier.
2.as you know, there are two kinds of DNS server, one is common DNS server, the other one is provid by the operator. So, it is hard to say it is dependent on the SIM network or not. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
pppd part I have completed and thanks for your support on that.

Now I am working on the SMS part.
Can you please explain the difference between the below:-

“SM” - (U)SIM message storage
“ME” - Mobile equipment message storage
“MT” - Same as “ME” storage

And what is the Maximum Size for One Message? as the Number of messages can be stored is given as 255 in the below.

+CPMS: “ME”,0,255,“ME”,0,255,“ME”,0,255

and also what are mem1, mem2 and mem3 related to SIM SMS Memory??

Dear Mahesh,
If it is different question, it is better to raise a new topic.
For your question, please know that SM means that the SMS message can store at USIM memory, and ME or MT means that the SMS message can be store at module or your system memory except USM memory.
And the max size of one SMS message is 160 character in GSM coding, and 140 character in 8bit coding, and 70 character in UCS2 coding. Thanks!
About AT+CPMS? command,please check the following explanation. Thanks!

Hey Kyson,
Thank you for your response and details.
If I have any other questions, I will create a new topic according to it.

Thank You.

Hey Kyson,
Is there any way to shift to command mode while the pppd is running in the background without stopping the pppd?
What I Want to know is, is it possible to send any AT commands or Send/Receive SMS while the pppd is running in the background?

Dear Sir,
You can try to add “&” when dial up, which can run PPP in background without stop pppd.
Please note that AT command is via USB AT port or UART port, PPP is via USB modem port. If they use different port, of course can send any “AT commands or Send/Receive SMS” while the pppd is running in the background.Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
We are using, only UART Port for running both PPPd and AT commands, the USB port is not used for anything.
Once I make the PPPD run in the background by using ‘&’, after that what ever AT Commands I send via the Same UART Port, I am not getting any response for them.

Dear Sir,
If you just use UART port in Linux system, for your application, you’d better to use CMUX function. Please check the following link and document about CMUX. Thanks!
Quectel_AndroidLinux_CMUX_Driver_User_Guide_V1.0.pdf (444.7 KB)


Hello Kyson,
I am going through the Source code which you have provided.

Can I edit the source according to my requirement or the same what you have provided is enough?

Dear Sir,
It is better do not modify the source code that i provided to you. I think the source code can meet your requirement. Thanks!

is “EC25 ATC_AT+QGPIOx_V0.1_20160826 - Preliminary.pdf” or similar available somewhere? cant seem to find it

is “EC25 ATC_AT+QGPIOx_V0.1_20160826 - Preliminary.pdf” or similar available somewhere? cant seem to find it

Dear Tmcr,
Could you tell me how do you know such document ? If you want to get it, please ask local FAE or send email to support@quectel.com to get it. Thanks!

it is listed above in this thread

Dear Sir,
I mean how do you know such document , because it is internal document. Normally, it will not open for customer. If you really need it, please ask our local FAE to provide it to you. Please email to support@quectel.com. Thanks!