Quectel EC25-E latest firmware

Hi @vpaulo
You can refer to this document.

Can I have latest firmware for EC25-E EC25EFAR06A06M4G?

I’m looking for EC25EFAR06A17M4G_20.200.20.200 firmware or later.

I’m trying to debug some issues with EC25EFA and OpenWRT:

  • Modem won’t accept empty PIN;
  • Once modem had an error with empty PIN, it won’t accept any other PIN before power cycling.

Current firmware is:

root@rt0:~# qmicli --device=/dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-get-revision
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Device revision retrieved:
	Revision: 'EC25EFAR06A02M4G'

Could you provide asked or newer version, please? I’d like to differentiate between old firmware issues and possible OpenWRT bug. I’ve seen jitter.nl were mass updating to said version, so I assume it is stable enough.

Hi @lyman.Q can you share the latest firmware?
My model: EC25EFAR06A04M4G

Hi @lyman.Q, I also need firmware for the EC25E.
Jun 25 2023 19:37:22,
with this firmware it does not want to register on the network.

Hello, I have EC25-EUX with firmware EC25EUXGAR08A13M1G_20.200.20.200

If there is a more current vesion of this firmware, may I please receive i?

Can I have the EC25-EU firmware, flash guide or flash tools and the windows driver?

Hi, I have a EC25-EU with the following firmware: EC25EUGAR06A07M4G_01.001.01.001
Could we please get the latest one, if there is one available?

Hello, would it be possible to get the latest firmware for this module: EC25ECGAR06A13M1G

Thanks in advance!

I actually accidentally put one of my modem in Download mode. FIrmware was EC25ECGAR06A13M1G_20.002.20.002 . Can you etiher provide me with a firmware for this module (either the latest or this one) or tell how to exit Download Mode withe Qfirehose?


Hello, would it be possible to get the latest firmware for this module:
Curently we have M520NGLAAR01A05M4G

Best regards,

I am having EC25-E with revision EC25EFAR06A08M4G
can you please mail me latest firmware file


Could I also get the latest firmware for EC25E?

I need the firmware of EC25-E. The current version is EC25EFAR06A08M4G. I can get the latest firmware. Can you send it to me?
First, thank you

can I have the latest firmware too?



Can I have the latest firmware too?