Quectel EC20 modemmanager and NetworkManager

Hi ,
We are also using NM and MM for EC20 LTE module . facing some issues. I will attaching test screen shots ,

  1. bearers using mmcli

    2) add connection name using nmcli :-

    1. up conn name :-

    2. ifconfig :-

    please help .
    we are getting ip using modemmanager but ip is not reflected to ifconfig.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, it is better to check the module’s network card name firstly, and confirm whether the following information.Thanks!

nmcli con show

nmcli connection show eth0

nmcli device status

systemctl restart network

nmcli connection reload

after connecting EC20 module to main board , i am getting a module interface without doing
anything. I think these is because of ECM mode .
how to disable these interface ?

log :-
cdc_ether 1-5:1.4 enp0s21f0u5i4: unregister ‘cdc_ether’ usb-0000:00:15.0-5, CDC Ethernet Device

Dear Nikhilvp29,
You can use AT command to change to NDIS mode with AT+QCFG=“USBNET”,0. Thanks!

Hi team ,
i integrated Gobinet Driver in our sdk ,

enp0s21f0u5i4 interface getting for EC20 module .
but i am not getting IP for that , how i can get ?

but i am getting these logs
GobiNet 1-5:1.4 enp0s21f0u5i4: kevent 12 may have been dropped again and again ,
how i can resolve it .

Dear Sir,
Whether you have use any tool to dial up ? About your issue, it seems like that you have not dial up, the module USB network card driver have installed and enumerate successful. So please double check it. Thanks!