QuecOpen base firmware and sdk for EC200U-EU

Hello, I need to create a firmware for the quectel EC200U-EU module under QuecOpen. The purpose is to change the AT commands for custom ones. The issue is that I cannot find the base firmware for EC200U-EU and I cannot find the sdk for it nor the QDloader for flashing the firmwares. The only thing I’ve managed to do so far is to connect the module via usb in download mode.

Module version: EC200UEUAC-N05-SNNSA
Development environment: Linux Arch 6.2.13-arch1-1 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Hi @vtg, I’ve sent the link to the latest SDK via PM, please check.

Hello @Victor.W, I have not gotten any messages. Thank you!

Please check the left navbar of the website called “Personal Chat”.

I cannot find it, I only see “Messages” and my inbox. Can you link the pm page?

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve sent it as a message, please check.

Thank you, I got the SDK, does this include the matching base firmware for the EC200U-EU and the flashing tool? I don’t think it does. Where can I find this?

You can find the QFlash tool in our Download Zone. And since you’re using our QuecOpen solution, you can just use the SDK to compile a firmware for it. But if you need standard firmware, hit me up.