Queclocator on LTE-M BG96


Is Queclocator supported on the BG96 when using LTE-M?

I have a Telus IoT kit and GPS is unfortunately not being reliable for us. The model of the BG96 is BG96MA-128-SGN

When running any command over serial I just get “ERROR”.


Hi frogcrush,

BG96 support Queclocator.

the cmd listed by you is old cmd , currently these cmd has been given up ,

pls using the new doc attached as below:


Hi Stephen,
I was looking for information of Queclocation to carry out in UMTS & LTE EVB Kit with BG96 module and currently I have the firmware BG96MAR02A08M1G_01.013.01.013
The question is: Must I update the firmware.as you propose to @frogcrush to make use of Queclocator in our module?
And is it possible to make use these facilities from API or only by means of AT commands?
Any special configuration to use my LTE op Things Mobile ™ in Spain?
Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi josan ,

  1. BG96MAR02A08M1G support quecloator funciton .

2 if you need API to call queclocator , it is another story , pls send email to : support@quectel.com

Hi Stephen,
Is Queclocator supported on the BG96 with BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.007.01.007 firmware?

I’m getting “ERROR” response when using both commands: