Problem connecting to EC25 Serial Ports in Linux


After some testing in windows, I have now switched to a linux platform, where the main application would be developed. For connecting to EC25 in linux, I have followed the guidelines in
I have been able to connect to internet with this changes, through quectel-cm. That means that the wwan part of the drivers seem to work correctly.

But now I cannot open the serial ports. What could be the cause of the problem? (By the way, I noticed that the changes don’t provide any ioctl. Are’nt they needed for this task?)

Dear Sajjadi335,
Thanks for you inquiry inQuectel forum.
If you can use quectel-cm tool to dial the data call normally, i think the USB driver may have no issue.
About the problem that you can not open the serial port, could you share more information with me, such as the debug log, the tool you used to open the port, and what is your test steps…, then we can help you confirm the root reason. Thanks!

Sorry. I later found out it was a problem of mine.
First it was that the ports sequence was different from windows. Here in linux the first port added was DM and the last (before the WWAN port) was AT.
The second problem was that I tried to use putty, which I don’t know why, but seemed not working. Using microcom I could connect to the ports.
Thank you