Pricing queclocator

I trying use to QuecLocator.
It seems to be useful for my positioning project.
But I have token is only 1 month limited trial token.
Please tell me the pricing of QuecLocator for include the feature my project.
Sorry for my bad english. thank you.

Hi Jiten ,

you can contact to local sales person from where you had bought module.

Thank you

Is the pricing of using Queclocator not available to the public?
Everyone will want to know the price.

Hi Jiten ,

Pricing is not public as it depends on Quantity , MOQ etc .

Better you contact to Quectel Sales in your region.

There are two ways of pricing, by equipment buyout or by service request pool mode

there is a times limitation each day ,if you select by equipment ,

As Retan said, for the detail.pls contact with local sales .

The salesperson who was assigned to me told me
not to use Queclocator. Because no one uses it.
Thank you.

sigh :)

what he said is not the truth

I am MV from India. We are using BG77 in our watch product. I need a FAE in India to know more details about Queclocator. Can you provide me the contact details?