One in the Honda Industry

The Commission for the industry leads Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, “includes four very clear elements: resolve the monetary duality, resolve the exchange rate duality, eliminate subsidies and gratuities as far as possible in the conditions of our economy industry leads and make a transformation of the income”. Several spaces of the television program Mesa Redonda were dedicated to monetary regulation, trying to transmit industry leads timely information to the population about the meaning of this process, its importance and its urgency. Similarly, the national media have published multiple articles on the subject.

The fact of making public the industry leads intention to undertake the measure in a short period, but not defined, generated multiple uncertainties in the population and economic agents. For months, Cubans have wondered what to do with their savings, many have rushed to industry leads exchange CUCs , the queues at bank branches have not stopped and many service providers began to refuse to accept that currency. In the middle of the process, and given the industry leads chronic shortage of foreign currency in the country, exacerbated by the restrictions of all kinds that covid-19 has generated, especially the effects on tourism,

It was decided to expand the industry leads network of stores in freely convertible currency . -in which you can only pay by credit card- which was established last year. In this space, you can buy goods of various kinds, including food and cleaning products. In essence, this industry leads measure constitutes a partial dollarization, although it has not been called that. The shortages that have been seen in the network of stores in CUC due to the contraction of the industry leads country’s import capacity, and the fact of having to satisfy basic needs, together with the lack of an official market where to buy dollars,