Modem EP06 DHCP

“does modem has DHCP-client? can we make static IPv4 address for modem? after any reboot/replug - it should take same static IP-address, without IPv6. for example for modem#1 and for modem#2”

We plan to use modems via usb-adapter on Windows, without router

modem: EP06ELA-512-SGA
firmware: EP06ELAR04A06M4G

It does have DHCP server. See EP06-E on EP06ELAR04A20M4G DHCP settings change ability lost

we have this firmware, but QMAP=LANIP - doesn’t work
modem always takes random IPv4 address

also we are using usbmode,0

I’m curious if at+qmap=? returns anything useful.
For ECM you should use AT+QCFG="usbnet",1
See also EP06-E change local ip in ECM mode - #2 by Bean.Wang-Q

AT+QMAP - writes “OK”, new setting is applied
but windows see it like (another random IP)
after reboot/re-plug too

AT+QMAP alone is not very useful. Please check with


That comes from the ISP, not from the modem. Make sure your modem is in ECM.

I’ve tried ECM but on Windows - network adapter is undefined and it’s connects/disconnects every 10 seconds

as I know ECM is for linux only

This! Its not a network adapter but a modem type device.
The ISP runs the DHCP and issues the modem with an IP when it connects.

The only way to get a fixed IP “static IP address” on modem devices it to have a contract that has that included or options for it. You would need to talk to the ISP and ask if there are any options for fixed IP. This normaly has an added cost.
I would normaly expect most mobile provides do not to have this or dont like it unless they support busuness accounts… You would need to talk to your service provide/ISP

The work arround some used is to have an internal scrip that detects the any new IP and remote updates ouside DNS or log location so that it can be used from outside or logs it in a place you can find it so can connect from the outside. Why do you need a static IP?

Also as a side note. They would never give 192.168.x.x address. This is the private address range so would be seen with private networks and would not be found on the WWW. The All the systems on the the WWW use public IP’s and your router layer/hardware outside address would be issued a public address. So is a public address on the internet.

I need to connect to the modem to access the Internet through a proxy. To do this, I asked if it was possible to raise the DHCP on the modem so that it would be static. For example, how can it be done in a regular router.

Initially I thought that the command at+qmap=“lanip” ( was dhcp, but it is not possible to connect through this gateway.

As I understand it, there is no solution at the end of the day?

In a regular router you can use interface based routing, so the IP of the interface is not important, as well as the gateway.
lanip is for ECM mode, whilst you’re probably using MBIM.

In ECM mode the modem does not work (disconnect every 10 seconds)

Perhaps I need to install a driver? As in this mode does not work in any way

The only way I can see how a modems dhcp would work is if it is the controlling side of a connection. If it is not a point to point and the controlling then it will never use its dhcp.

In an internet connection with these modems they are not the master, the master is the ISP. The fact you are getting a public IP means what you are connecting to is the master side and has the dhcp server.

Another important fact 192.168.x.x is while is private is also not routable.

Further clarification. Are you saying you want this windows system to be your internet gateway/proxy so other systems on your local lan can use the modem?

I ask as another item mentioned was “but it is not possible to connect through this gateway.” Windows OS/system is acting as the host and would be acting as a router if setup correctly… Other systems on the network do not connect directly to the modem! They are setup to connect to the windows system and windows will be the control/router/proxy. Those other systems should not need to know about the modem info. Windows OS either needs a software proxy setup or needs to be setup for sharing the internet connection. Under the network setup in windows there is an option “Allow other network users to connect” that’s part of it.

Can you give us more info on what are the systems you want have use this as a proxy? Are that other systems on the lan etc is it proxy servers or the internet connection you want to let them use?