MC60 About QuecLocator commands

Hi everyone,

I have some question need to ask you guys…

  1. For the AT+QLBSCFG command, do I need to ask Quectel to take the cloud server and the password by contecting Quectel?
  2. In my application, we do not have any WiFi module to take the MAC address, does it necessary to use AT+QLBS command?
    Thank you very much !

Dear HelloMoto,
For your question, please check the following answers.
1.For QuecLocator, it is need to pay, Quectel will provide the token for test this function, you can contact local FAE or sales to get more information.
2. As you know that QuecLocator is used to get the location, which can use combine with GNSS. If you want to get the position where GPS signal is weak, it is better to use the QuecLocator. Thanks!