M66 Queclocator error 10001

Hi I am getting error 10001 while i am take location using queclocator.

only our new m66 module have this issue ,old ones working perfectly.What may be the issue ? 10001 is illegal imei error but i am able to verify imei at quectel site.

[2022-10-01 10:46:51:013_R:] AT+QLBSCFG=“token”
[2022-10-01 10:46:51:013_R:] +QLBSCFG: “token”,“****************”

[2022-10-01 10:46:51:013_R:] OK
[2022-10-01 10:47:03:625_S:] AT+QLBSCFG=“timeout”,60
[2022-10-01 10:47:03:738_R:] AT+QLBSCFG=“timeout”,60
[2022-10-01 10:47:03:738_R:] OK
[2022-10-01 10:47:15:528_S:] AT+QLBSCFG=“asynch”,0
[2022-10-01 10:47:15:643_R:] AT+QLBSCFG=“asynch”,0
[2022-10-01 10:47:15:643_R:] OK
[2022-10-01 10:47:28:580_S:] AT+QLBSCFG=“server”,“www.queclocator.com:80
[2022-10-01 10:47:28:690_R:] AT+QLBSCFG=“server”,“www.queclocator.com:80
[2022-10-01 10:47:28:690_R:] OK
[2022-10-01 10:47:41:406_S:] AT+QLBS
[2022-10-01 10:47:41:512_R:] AT+QLBS
[2022-10-01 10:47:45:928_R:] +QLBS: 10001

Hi,It is suggested to use “AT+GSN” to query the IMEI number. In addition, if you can query the IMEI number on the official website of quectel and you have not changed the imei number, it may be because the module has not done the network access authentication in your area