I use the bluetooth of m66 module I couldn’t find the opencpu bluetooth data sheet of this module and also couldn’t work with the direct_conn() function that is explained for mc60 … Could you please send me more examples code of working with opencpu_bluetooth?like source code for application control devices use m66 open cpu…

Thank you.

Dear Amir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
In order to solve your issue, it is better to provide your module firmware version, then i can provide you the right SDK package which include the source example code. Thanks!

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Hi Kyson
i use sdk v2.4 and module firmware version is M66FAR01A12BT.
I want connect to the specific bluetooth MACaddr with password but example in sdk pair automatically.

Dear Amir,
You should use SDK V2.0 to match with M66FAR01A12BT. Thanks!
You also can modify the example code to apply for your application. As you know that the example just can give you for reference. Thanks!

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Thanks, could you please send me download link of sdk v2.0??
And i use mc60 open cpu reference manual because this reference include Bluetooth function…and i cant find this document for m66…
If this exists please send me…

Please email to support@quectel.com to get the SDK package. Thanks!