M66 MQTT connection issue

Hi sir,
I had checked the application note for M66 and understood the parameters and based on the application note I have created commands as per my knowledge
as below:

AT+QMTCFG =“WILL”,0,0,1,“test”,“HI”
AT+QMTCONN = 0,“test”,“username”,“password”
This is test data, hello MQTT. CTRL+Z

Note: connection id is :0 it can be anything between 0 to 5 correct?
SSL is disabled,
device secret is any string is we can add correct ?

I am bit confusing with the config type "“aliauth
AT+QMTCFG=“ALIAUTH”,0,“password”,“username”,“secret key”
should I use same as above (aliauth) or can I add my own config type please help me.

can you please frame the the below command with my credentials:

  1. AT+QMTCFG=“ALIAUTH”,0,“password”,“username”,“secret key”
    |SSL Port|xxxssl portxx|
    |Websockets Port (TLS only)|xxxweb portxx|
    |Api Key|xxxxxxxxxapikeyxxxxxxxxxx|
    I am confusing how to frame the command.

thank you.

Dear Ramesh Noothi,
Please check the following example of MQTT with SSL and without SSL.
MQTT with SSL:
GSM MQTT AT Logs.pdf (51.5 KB)

MQTT without SSL:

If you use your own MQTT server and your server do not support SSL, you do not need to set the following parameters. Just refer to the above example without SSL to test it. Thanks!

Hi sir,
Thanks for your inputs.I will use the above commands.


Dear Kyson,
While uploading the certificates to RAM. Do I need to save them on the desktop if I am using EVB Kit and connecting it to serial port of PC to send commands.

Dear Abhishek,
It depends on your uploaded file from where, no matter you use which test tool. Normally, if you use serial test tool to upload the file via AT command, the file need to be uploaded may exist on your PC. Thanks!


Can you also share the AT_Command Logs for publishing mqtt data which requires username and password?