M66 MQTT AT commands using OpenCPU issue

Dear sir,

I am successfully working in MQTT using AT commands using QCOMM (find the attached image for refrence), But I need to develop my application in opencpu sdk,when I am working in opencpu it leads to ERROR
during AT+QMTOPEN.The publish subscribe is occurs in normal AT command method using QCOMM.

char strAT1[] = “AT+QMTOPEN=0,“m21.cloudmqtt.com”,11308”;
Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(strAT1, Ql_strlen(strAT1),ATResponse_Handler1, NULL, 300);

the output for the above command is “ERROR”.

please give me solution quickly.
thanks in advance.

Dear Swathi,
For your issue, it is better to check your source code to confirm whether there have any error. The following is the MQTT demo code, you cna have a look. Thanks!

Hi sir,
I have included our product key, device name, device secret in the source code which you have sent but it is returning -1 from RIL_MQTT_QMTCFG_Ali function.
Once go through the attachment and help me with a solution.

info.pdf (32.5 KB)

Hi Swathi,
It is better you can provide your compiled SDK file or your modified SDK without compile, then we can confirm whether there have any error. You can add more debug print information which can judge some basic status of the module.
Please note that if you use your own MQTT server, it is no need to set ALI parameters. Thanks!

Hi Sir,
I have downloaded M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_2.4_Eclipse file from above link

Hi Sir,
I have used M66FAR02A04BT version now I am getting open response.

Dear Swathi,
So it is normal now, right? Just change the SDK you used, right? If everything is ok, please go on your test. Thanks!

Dear Sir,
I want to know is there any technical problems with 4BT SDK version?

Dear Swathi,
M66FAR02A04BT version should use with M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_2.3, please click the following link to download it. Thanks!

Dear Sir,
I want to know which file I should download M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.3_Eclipse or the link you shared.
The link you shared is not eclipse file so tell me which file I should download.

Dear Sir,
I have copied .c files into M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.3_Eclipse SDK.
In our application code if i comment these functions Ql_EINT_Register, Ql_EINT_Init code is working.

Thank you.

OK, got it. You can go on your test. Thanks!

Dear Sir,
If I comment Ql_EINT_Register code is working, help me to find solution.