Keep getting Queclocator location failed

When calling RIL_GetLocation & RIL_GetLocationByCell, both return error code 3830. I have check the internet connection and it seems ok. Is there anyway to track down the actual problem?

Hi,Farzin,I am sorry to reply you so late.Error code 3830 is a problem generated using QuecLocator 1.0,it is possible that the base station information is not in our database.Besides,Customers using QuecLocator V1.0 with modules in the field can use it for free, but without any support after 2020 when QuecLocator V1.0 will be end-of-support. So we recommend customers to migrate to QuecLocator V2.0 ASAP.If you want to know more about 2.0, you can contact your local FAE and sales support.

what is your location ?

Maybe I can forward your request to FAE in the corresponding area

Same here!!
I’m in the Uk. Let us now how to migrate to QuecLocator V2!?

Hi I am MV from India. We are using BG77 in our watch product. I need FAE in India to know more about Queclocator?