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Issue in interfacing unilec board with Quectel EC-25 E mini pcie card


I have a issue regarding the quectel E-25 mini pcie card, there is no presence in my unilec mt7623 board…
As the unilec board supports 4g lte pcie card…
I have installed all the necessary drivers for the usb but still there is no presence in the board…
please help me…

Dear Raj Jcp,
Please make sure whether the module already power on normally, you can check the module VBAT, VDD_EXT. Normally, if the module power on normally, the voltage of VDD_EXT should be 1.8V. So please double check it. Then you can check whether your MT7623 have recognize the EC25 module, you can check the dmsg information. By the way, please make sure whether you have install the correct drivers. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,

Thank you for your reply,
The EC25 Module works with usb adapter and also there is presence in dmesg.
But i need to placed it directly the mini pcie card in the pcie slot not the adapter…
Yes, I have all the required drivers…

Quectel EC25-E does support onboard pci slot ???if yes then can you give me the detail??

Dear Raj jcp,
Please confirm your pin assignment of your pcie slot, the following is the pin assignment of EC25MINIPCIE module, if they cannot match ,of course it will have the issue. Thanks!

the pin assignment of unilec board pci slot match with the ec25-e pinassignment…

Dear Raj Jcp,
Please check the following difference between your board PCI slot and EC25MINIPCIE module. You can try to disconnect the PIN24 to test again.Thanks!

I confirmed with vendor there is no issue with the pin…

Dear Raj Jcp,
I also have confirmed EC25MINPCIE module with our EVB board, have no any issue. It is better to disconnect the PIN24 to have a try. Thanks!
If you still have any issue, please contact our local FAE or send email to!


I have another question regarding the 4g pcie card…
As per the vendor board, miniPCIe slot that is connected via an internal USB OTG port (it is not connectde to usb host)
this is the reason it is not working on my board??

Dear Raj jcp,
We just care about whether your minipcie slot can match with our MIMIPCIE module interface, if they are matched, it have no any issue. If there have any difference, it may have the problem. Thanks!