Interfacing sensors to the Quectel LTE EVB with BG96


I have just started exploring the Quectel LTE EVB with BG96.
I am looking at interfacing few sensors(temperature/motion/light sensor) to the board, collect the readings and push it to a cloud server using HTTP.
I was able to get a sample HTTP application working. I am facing challenges in integrating sensors to the board.
My queries:

  1. From the user guide(Quectel_UMTS&LTE_EVB_User_Guide_V2.1.pdf), I see that J804 Pins are used for I2C interface. The question is if I can interface a sensor that supports I2C to the J804 pins. If yes, is there any example of that in the quectel SDK to basically read the sensor data from a I2C address. Also, could you please let me know if any pull up resistors(1.8V) is needed to connect to the vcc of these pins or if it is in-built.
  2. Interfacing a raspberry Pi to the Quectel LTE EVB with BG96: Please let me know if we can interface a RPi to the board or if any sensor shields can be used for the same. It will also be great if anyone can direct on the type of sensor shields available in India that I can use for this purpose.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi bhargavi.cnrao,

  1. for BG96 module , you can connect it with sensor via IIC or GPIO or ADC , it depend on the type of sensor interface , if you want to use IIC interface with Quectel evb , pls the the below picture

  1. I’m not familiar with the product of sensor shield. Please refer to the manual of sensor shield for the specific connection method

For quectel side , if you need to connect IIC interface , pls refer to example_i2c.c in SDK。

thanks so much 。