How to calculate SIM GPRS data which is uploaded by Quectel M66 during GET method?

I am using Quectel M66 module to send data to cloud using GET method. I am uploading data every minute using two APIs. I am using airtel SIM which consumes 2MB of data per hour as per shown in my airtel app. So I want to calculate how much data is uploaded by GSM module M66 ?

Unfortunately, M66 does not currently have the capability to calculate traffic, but you can calculate it yourself, as follows:
1.Traffic calculation calculates both sent and received data, as well as TCP/IP headers.

2.Traffic = Sent data + Received data + ACK data

3.Sent data =TCPIP header + actual sent data

4.Received data =TCPIP header + actual received data

5.Data for ACK =TCPIP header

6.The TCPIP header occupies 52 bytes, the actual data sent =157 bytes, the actual received 54 bytes, according to the above calculation, 1 minute traffic =12.8*((52+157)+(52+53)+52)=4659.2 bytes.

Of course, you can also write a function to record incoming and outgoing data. If you need to add any restrictions on the module’s traffic, you can do so in the function

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for reply. It really helped me.
But I have one question. In below example what is role of 12.8 multiplier ?
1 minute traffic =12.8*((52+157)+(52+53)+52)=4659.2 bytes.

Once again thanks.

Hi,in this example 12.8 is calculated in the worst case, you just need to replace it with your number of transfers

Hi, Thanks for immediate reply.