Help to start with EG25-G module

Supporters, I am new to EG25-G module. I am interfacing the EG25-G module with microcontroller. I am referring the EC2x&EG25-G&EG9x& EM05 FILE AT Commands Manual (Referred as Doc_1) and EG25-G Hardware Design(Referred as Doc_2).
I came across with command (AT+QCFG=“apready” command) in Doc_2 but I am unable to find the details of this command in both the documents.

So guide me to start with all the necessary documents and also any training material to start with EG25-G module.

Response shall be appreciable. Thank you for the support.

Dear Dinesh_A,
Sorry for bring any inconvenience to you. The following link contains all related document(software, hardware, tools etc) about EG25G module, you can check it. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!

About the command AT+QCFG=“apready”, please check the following picture,it is still underdevelopment, so you may cannot find any more detail information about it. Thanks!