gpsOneXtra, AGPS, Quectel cell locator

Hi, i am using module EC25-E, i would like to use the gpsOneExtra feature, i cannot find the qcom tool (uploader tool) any where. before attempting to write one, how can i download it please. is there a Linux version ?

for the quectel cell locator (At+qcellloc) where can we find the server url and obtain a token ? can i provide my own server to deal with the cell info ?

finally to use AGPS do i need to supply a SUPL server and a ca file (the need again of the uploading tool)
thank you.

ok looks like no reply, and the “regional manager” don’t reply. i don’t think this company will be my choice for my prototypes in the future.
however for those who are looking for answers, here what i found:

  • qcom not here to be found, honestly to much hustle for a tool. just build one yourself. i wrote my uploading tool via uart to upload (xtra2.bin).
  • celLocator don’t worth it, you can obtain cell information using AT+QENG=”servingcell” then use any API out there for locating your cell (module)
    -AGPS, if i understood correctly, you need to provide a SUPL (like google one) and have to find their ca file (didn’t find how yet (not priority)) and uploaded via “your uploading tool”. good luck

Dear Sir
Sorry for the late reply.

  1. QCOM is a serial port tool for Windows system (such as accessories), and other serial port tools can also be used.
  2. The QuecLocator can apply for a trial token at the following website:
  3. The SUPL certificate should be obtained from the operator or the server provider. (714.9 KB)

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