Esim Provisioning RM510Q-GL using LPAd software

Dear @logitek
Sorry, for some limitation, I can’t share Ipad software to you via forum.
Please contact your provider or FAE in your region.

Dear Silvia,

I bought the Quectel RM-500Q-GL on the Khadas website and I need to be able to use the esim functions on Linux. How can I get this software?

Thank you.

Search for lpac on GitHub

There are come forks to use it with AT, MBIM (mine) and QMI.

You can test if it works with embedded eSIM (I’ve tested with a Foxconn module successfully)

Still don’t understand why Quectel want to keep this so secret…

Dear @logitek
For this tool, it have some limitations. Thanks for your understanding.
Please help to fill the information below:

  1.  Company full name
  2.  R&D location
  3.  Project application
  4.  Project timeline
  5.  Estimated annual units (for series production)
  6.  Project stage 
  7.  From where you bought Quectel module? from which distributor or sales? 
  8. Current firmware version

Dear @stich86
Sorry for inconvenience.
Due to some strategy, we can’t share directly.

can you please send or forward the software to me as well?
im using rm521f-gl

Dear @Colton_Leger
Sorry for inconvenience.
Due to some strategy, we can’t share directly.
Please contact with your provider or FAE in your region.


Sorry for the late answer.

Here is the informations you aksed for :

  1. Personal projet
  2. Switzerland
  3. Embedded camper computer
  4. This year (I hope)
  5. None, it’s just for me
  6. Mostly done, I need to activate the eSim using Subscription Manager - Data Preparation. The command should look like this : AT+QESIM=“def_svr_addr”,“LPA:1$$N5CM8MUVQC1MF9TF”
    My esim provider (airalo) give me this activation code : LPA:1$$N5CM8MUVQC1MF9TF
  7. Khadas website
  8. The latest

Thank you for your help

Dear @logitek
Sorry for this, we can’t share the source code to personal project.
Thanks for your understanding.

Hello Silvia,

Thank you for your reply, but I don’t know if you realize that I bought your product which is advertised as esim compatible but is not if you refuse to share the source code of your application?

What am I supposed to do now? I’m very disappointed with the way Quectel treats its customers…

Please reconsider your decision or offer me an alternative.

Dear @logitek
Thank you very much for your reply and support for our products. The ESIM source code is confidential information within the company. For known customers, we need to sign an NDA with our sales team and evaluate it before releasing it. For individual developers, we apologize that we may not be able to release the corresponding driver source code internally.

Is it possible to use physical SIM card on your side?

Not sure if it works with the specific Quectel device used here but there is now an open source LPA client lpac mentioned in this forum thread AT+CGLA=? not supported on EM7590 and AT+CCHO returns error - IoT Modules - Sierra Wireless Forum from another UE vendor. This might be an alternative for users to which Quectel can not provide their own LPA software for legal reasons.