EG95 : TCP connection (AT+QIOPEN) no response with UART

Hello all,

We are working on the EG95 module in the client mode.
I have tested the TCP connection using the main UART by the QCOM app. It is working fine and TCP connection with the client successfully.
But, When tried on main UART by Microcontroller, not getting any TCP connection response.

For the resolution of this issue:

  • TCP connections transmit string are the same transmitted from the MCU UART and QCOM.

I do not understand what is wrong in this case. Please suggest a possible solution.


Dear Chintan,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, it is better to provide your test AT log. If it is normal when you use QCOM, but it is abnormal with Microcontroller. We need to check whether just some AT commands is abnormal or all AT commands are abnormal. Please confirm you have enter 0X1A( in hex) in your code to end the data enter and send the data. Thanks!

Thanks for your support.
It is resolved.