EG95, RNDIS bridge mode and how to change apn


I have successfully been able to connect and use the modem (EG95) in RNDIS mode but I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible to use bridge mode instead of the default NAT mode?

  2. I have experimented with changing APN while using RNDIS, the only way I have succeeded with this is to do something like this.


While this works it feels like there should be a better way not requiring to disable the radio. Is there a better way?


See Port forwarding on Quectel EG912Y-EU - #6 by jfrog

Thanks, but the at commands mentioned seems not to be valid for EG95.


Could you please show the output of AT+QCFG=?

Absolutely. See attached file. (1.8 KB)


It looks I’ve made a wrong assumption regarding the similarities between the different modules.
Your module is probably close to EC25, where [per my understanding] NAT could be avoided by using passthrough mode in combination with ECM.
I’m linking a few earlier threads where the the related configuration changes were discussed.

Thanks for the information. Is there any documentation about how to change these settings for the EG95 modem? I’m trying to access the debug port over USB but so far it seems dead.

Also we would need to do this change for all modems in production, contacting the FAE to get the debug port password for each modem wont be an option. How would this be handled?


I don’t think that information is available in a single manual, that’s why I have pointed you to fragments scattered throughout the various discussions.
My understanding that the modem you selected is not fully compliant with your requirements. There are other modems from Quectel where the change discussed here could be achieved using AT commands as shown in the post I linked earlier.

Ok, I suspected that, its a bit unfortunate.

However we have options RMNET seems to not have this limitation. So I will have to look into writing a driver for it.