EG91-EX command AT+QDAI return always ERROR

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a Digital Audio interface on an EG91-EX module, but when I send the “AT + QDAI …” command the module always answers “ERROR”, but when I read the current configuration it is the same I previously try to sent.

This is the entire session:

14:30:46.328 [TX] - ATI

14:30:46.343 [RX] - ATI

Revision: EG91EXGAR10A03M1G


14:30:51.730 [TX] - AT+QDAI?

14:30:51.735 [RX] - AT+QDAI?

+QDAI: 1,1,0,1,0,0,1,1


14:30:54.259 [TX] - AT+QDAI=1,1,0,4,0,0,1,1

14:30:54.262 [RX] - AT+QDAI=1,1,0,4,0,0,1,1


14:30:57.016 [TX] - AT+QDAI?

14:30:57.030 [RX] - AT+QDAI?

+QDAI: 1,1,0,4,0,0,1,1


Dear Sir,
Please use AT +QGMR command to confirm the exact FW version, the latest FW is EG91EXGAR10A03M1G_01.003.01.003, if the module you sue is not the same version, please ask our local FAE(or send email to to get the the latest FW and the upgrade tool. Thanks!

Dear Kyson, thank you for your help,
the mdule I use has the last version.
This is the QGMR output:
11:12:23.986 [RX] - AT+QGMR



Dear Sir,
If that, you may need to wait for new FW, or send email to to get support from local FAE, then they can push our RD to release new FW as soon as possible. Thanks!