EG25-G UART interface, QuecOpen and GPS

Hi all,
I am new to this forum and to Quectel products.
I am designing for a customer a device that needs to keep track of the position and send it on a cloud server through a cellular connection (it is a sort of bike burglar alarm).
If there is no cellular connection the device must keep the position information stored and as soon it can it must send it to the server.
It needs to be controlled from the server (ie the server can switch off temporarily the device or set the transmission interval or set a “border” that sets an alarm if crossed by the device).
The production per year is at least a thousand so when I ask to Quectcel technical service you were glad to send me an EG25GGCTEA-128-SGNS and an LTEOPENEVB-KIT after evaluating the “client requirements questionnaire”.
Together with the hardware, you have sent the QuecOpen files (EG25GGBR07A07M2G_OCPU_01.001.01.001) for this particular module.

Now I’ve studied the module, the evaluation board and I am ready to begin learning to use the QuecOpen platform, but I have a couple of questions (some about the device and some about QuecOpen).

  • We need to make a device really small so, before contacting Quectel, I was designing a device with a simple MCU (an stm32) that connects to the Quectel module using UART. Using QuecOpen it will not be needed (as I suppose that I can program a custom application that records the GPS positions, send it to the cloud server, and has a web server (or WebSocket or other) to receive the configuration from the cloud server.), but for sake of information (and because I need to create another different device that needs and external MCU), is it possible to connect to the eg25-g module using 2 or more UART where one of them is used to make a PPPoS communication and the other two to send AT commands and to receive GPS information? Reading through the QuecOpen hardware reference guide I see that there are 4 UART interfaces, but that the factory firmware uses only the main UART and the debug UART. Is it correct? Is it possible to modify it in order to use the more UART interfaces (these are multiplexed to other gpio pins but it is not a problem)?

  • The provided documentation is not very clear and I do not think that all the documentation was sent to me. I was searching for some programming examples and API documentation, but only a few were provided (I was searching for something about building a custom HTTPS server application but there is none). Can I download all the documentation somewhere or can you provide it to me?

  • The “EC25&EC21&EC20 R2.0QuecOpen Developer Guide” document speaks about a cross-compiler (QuecOpen_CrossCompiler.tar.gz), but in the QuecOpen files you have provided to me there is none. Where I can download it?

  • Can you send to me the factory version of the module firmware (the one that came with the module) or if I decide to flash the QuecOpen firmware I cannot reflash the “normal” firmware version?

  • What is the maximum amount of flash and ram space provided to a QuecOpen application that uses this module (EG25GGB-128-SGNS) because some document reports 50MB each and others 100MB each. There is a version with a bigger flash (on the internet I found the EG25GGB-256-SGNS, is it real? there is an even bigger version?)

  • The module integrates an RTC clock (I think no), or can I use some sort of deep sleep state that mimics an RTC clock (the module will have an external battery, but I need to keep the power consumption as low as possible).

Please tell me if I have to split the question into other subforums and ask me any information about the project or other things!

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Please check anwers below for your questions:

  1. From product specification, EG25-G only has TWO uart.
  2. There’s a documentation describing how to implement HTTPS by AT command, if you need it, I’ll send to you.
  3. This cross compiler you mentioned is included in SDK package
  4. We can’t send you factory firmware.
  5. You could use commands below to get the information you want(Information in fig below are from other module). And we do have a product named EG25GGB-256-SGNS which is a “bigger” version
  6. I’ll get back to you with the information related to RTC.


Hi Zach.zhang-Q, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay.

I will reply to your answer below:

  1. The product specification you listed is for the “factory firmware” version of the module EG25-G. If you read the “Quectel_EC25-Quecopen_Hardware_Design_V1.2” you clearly see that there are 4 UART interfaces. I was asking if it was possible to use one of the other interfaces to send and read GPS information (using AT commands) and the main one to make a PPPoS connection.

  2. I have a couple of document that describes how to implement an HTTPS client, but I need an HTTPS server. I presume if it is possible, that all the data sent to this server will be treated as unsolicited at command. If you know about documents that explain how to implement an HTTPS server please send them to me.

  3. I am sorry, but there is no file like that in the zip file that Quectel sent me. In the pdf file “Quectel_EC25&EC21&EC20 R2.0_QuecOpen_Developer_Guide_V1.0” is clearly stated that I need to have the tar.gz file “QuecOpen_CrossCompiler.tar.gz” but I do not have it and no one has sent me it. Is the document wrong or do I need other files?

  4. So just to be clear… as soon as I flash the Quecopen firmware on the module I can not use it anymore as an AT command modem and I can not revert to factory firmware? I can read the firmware before and save it for later?

  5. Thanks! Could you post the same command outputs for the EG25GGB-256-SGNS?

  6. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply,

Hi Alessandro,

About Q2 and Q6, I’ll send the relevant documentations to you via email, please check it.

About Q3, what I mean is that the .tar.gz file is integrated in SDK package(see fig below)

You could just do such things to initialize the enviroment:

About Q4, you could flash the original firmware to the module via QFlash(Windows tool) and QFirehose(Linux tool), but I can’t provide the firmware to you, you could contact our local FAE

About Q5, as I said the data in that fig was from another module(Not the EG25GGB-128-SGNS) , I was just saying that you could use those commands to check the value you want


when i run command
source ql-ol-crosstool/ql-ol-crosstool-env-init
i see this error