EG25-G serial port not opening in linux

Hi Kyson,

I have an issue i felt it is weird, i have Quectel EG25-G dev kit. I generally use on windows both the main port(serial) and AT port. works fine in sending at commands. when i connected with the ubuntu machine it is not able to send the at commands with serial port. I need why it is not able to send and how to solve this. I have given permissions to the devices /ttyUSB which it detected. i am able to use internet from the LTE modem on ubuntu as it is showing mobile broadband directly.

Other part of question is i actually wanted it in raspberry pi, so i connected kit to pi there also it was showing wwan interface and giving me ip address but i am not able to get internet out of it.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, please confirm you use which port in Ubuntu machine,
normally it should be ttyUSB2 for AT command communication. Of course, you can use main UART to send AT command, you can use busybox or minicom. Thanks!

Thanks a lot, it is working. But there is another problem that on raspberry pi wwan0 is getting detected and i am able to acquire the ip of it, but i am not able to get internet out of it.
I have tried ppp it is working but i dont need ppp as it is slow. i need the solution for wwan.

It is better to provide your test log to explain your issue. Thanks!