EG25-G Firmware Upgrade using USB

Hello Community,
I am working on the EG25-G 4G LTE module.
I would like to know,
Is it possible to program the EG25-G over USB Protocol?
Is there any document related to it?

Shiv Patil.

Dear Shiv,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Could you share more information about your question with us? What is your meaning about program the EG25G ? Thanks!

Hello @Kyson,

I would like to put a firmware whenever a new SDK or update comes for the EG25-G Module.
I am using the USB port to communicate with the EG25-G Module.
As we know the debug port will be used to program & monitor the EG25-G Module
Will you please help me to know,
Is it possible or not?

Dear Shiv_Patil,
If you want to update the module firmare, of course you should uss USB DM port, so it must to connect the USB port. And normally, debug UART port is used to check module modem information in standard solution. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,

Is there any document related to it?

About document, you can search the document named “Quectel_QFlash_User_Guide” on Quectel official website. Thanks!

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