EG25 firmware and LwM2M


I’m trying to get LwM2M setup on an EG25 as per the EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G Series LwM2M Application Note.
My firmware is EG25GGBR07A07M2G
The AT+QLWCFG=? command returns ERROR.

Is there a special FW that I need to be running to get LwM2M running on the EG25?

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Please try the latest firmware version

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The documentation does not quite match the software. The modem shows sub-commands that are not described in the document.

Does the EG25 LwM2M client support configuration without a boostrap server? The doumentation shows that as an option for the AT commands but the needed values all get an error response. I was able to get online using a bootstrap server but I had not planned to have to provision one.


Well, this is the latest version of firmware that is currently available.
So what can I do to help you?

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Does the EG25 support configuration without a bootstrap server?

The AT+QLWCFG=“reset” “Erase LwM2M client running record”.
What is this “running record”?
When would I use it?

AT+QLWCFG Configure Optional Parameters of LwM2M
The parameters configured after this command is executed can be saved in the terminal. Reset means erasing the historical configuration parameters and returning to the initial configuration.

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Can you please answer this question?


You can test this using the Leshan LWM2M server.

Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G_Series_LwM2M_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (324.0 KB)

I apologize for not being more clear. I am able to get a EG25G online with a leshan server but only by using a bootstrap server. I am able to use the BG600L both with and without a bootstrap server to leshan.

The command arguments that are documented for the Ex25 to allow configuration without a bootstrap server return an error.

What I want to know is “Does the EG25 (Not BC66 or BG600L BG95) LwM2M support direct configuration of a DM server or does it require a bootstrap server?” I just want a yes or no answer.

If you use bootstrap mode, will it affect your normal use?