EC25 modem diag problem

Hi friends. I have a Quectel modem EC25. I can get the received diag bytes after sending some config bytes to the modem. Then, after framing these received bytes I can dissect each frame and extract a specific frame type from each. One of this famous type is “WCDMA_Signaling_Messages” (0x412F). In a frame with this type, there is a byte which indicates the version of the “WCDMA_Signaling_Messages” and can be 0 or 8. This procedure is completely similar to Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile phone.
But when I see the dissected version of the “WCDMA_Signaling_Messages” type of the modem diag, it is always version 0 but in mobile devices it also has the value 8 and version 8 has a valuable content. I want to know why this happens? Is this related to the config bytes which I have sent at first? Or some thing else?

Dear Mortezaaliahmadi,
If you want to check the module debug log, it is better to use the specific tool to analysis it. Please contact our local FAE to get support. They will help to provide the tool and guide you how to use it. Thanks!
You also can send email to Thanks!

Thanks Kyson, do you mean that diag output is debug log?

Yes, correct. It need the special tool to catch and analyze it. Thanks!