EC25 Mini PCIe not getting any GPS messages


I have a problem using GPS from a EC25 Quectel Mini PCIe Module.

In some cases (around 50%), the module does not send any GPS messages.
So by reading COM 7 (which is the nmea port) I get nothing (see attached screenshot). Sometimes, I works and I can’t figure out why.


  • I can’t reproduce the issue to a 100 %, which makes finding the error very hard.
  • I can check through the AT Port (COM8), that the module should be running (AT+QGPS? returns 1).
  • Autogps is enabled. (can be checked through the AT Port)
  • Restarts won’t help: I have to unplug the power supply to maybe get it running
  • The issues happens on different PCs with different modules
  • I can check through the AT Port, that GPS is enabled.
  • I can obtain single GPS positions through the AT+QGPSLOC command, so the module seems to be fine.

Thank you very much for your help!

For others’ reference,
It maybe the FW issue, please try to update to the latest version and use tool to update.
Please select appsboot.mbn in update folder and USB DM port to update.

Hello Max,
I just wanted to confirm from my side, that this fixed the error.

Thank you very much for your support!