EC25 Latest RIL drivers

Hello dear colleagues,

I haven’t found a list of the latest stable RIL drivers with Android version compatibility information.

Do you have that one?

I’ve only found some links in a different tasks but maybe you have centralized storage of currently available stable RIL drivers for your products?

Also I have a side questions: How can I check currently used RIL driver version?

Thank you a lot!

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Currently used RIL Driver is shown in your log or do this:

adb shell getprop | grep ril should give you some like

[]: [Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V2.9.6]
[]: [running]
[ril.function.dataonly]: [0]
[ro.boot.noril]: [no]
[]: [5495529277]
[]: [no]
[]: [112,911]
[vendor.rild.libargs]: [-d/dev/ttyUSB2]
[vendor.rild.libpath]: [/vendor/lib64/]

Thank you a lot for the answer.