EC25-EU no internetaccess

We have now a EC25-EU in use on a pc with WIN10 Home OS, Version 1607 (Build 14393). We install the driver “Quectel_LTE_Windows_USB_Driver_2.1.1” for first tests.
We test it with a SIM card from Vodafone as internetprovider.
The modem EC25-EU get a connection to the internetprovider, but no internetaccess. The device gets from the internetprovider IP adresses for the gateway, DNS etc. But if we ping the DNS or the gateway from this PC using the EC25-EU it always runs in a timeout. .
Does anybody know, how we can solve this problem?

Dear Paul,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, could you help to double check whether the SIM card can access the internet in your mobile phone ? Or you can change another SIM card to have a try. Thanks!

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