EC25-AF Verizon problem regestring

Try to use with Verizon but is not regestring, but at&t and tmobile working do i need update?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For EC25AF module, it is better to use EC25AFFAR07A09M4G to test it. So please send email to to get the firmware package and upgrade tool to flash the firmware. Thanks!

ok thanks i will contact them , do i need to register imei with verizon too ?

Dear Sir,
You can check the following document. Thanks!
How to register on VZW network v2.pdf (405.7 KB)

I did regester with Verizon , but no data only text and voLTE is working i did upgrade to EC25AFFAR07A09M4G
Any help ?

If you have registered on Verizon, it is better to provide debug log to us to analyze the reason. For upgrade firmware, please email to to get it and upgrade tool. Then you can get support from local FAE, they will help you to fix your issue. Thanks!

How can i get debug log ?

Please email to to get it. Thanks!