EC25-A: Sending MMS with AT commands

I am having trouble sending MMS from the LTE module using AT commands.

I am on Ting GSM network, access tech is E-UTRAN, and output of network info is +QNWINFO: "FDD LTE","310260","LTE BAND 4",2100. The Ting MMS APN settings are taken from their website (used below)

I configure a PDP context like this for Ting:


Then configure the MMS with:


Modify message contents, and attempt to send with:

+QMMSEND: 769,0

After exactly 2 minutes I am returned error code 769 which means that the PDP context has been deactivated.

My question is: Why would the context be deactivated after a delay like that? Is the support node of the context requesting the deactivation? Would it be an issue with my context activation? What needs to change to get MMS sent?

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When the LTE module registers on the home network, it automatically connects to the PS with an active default bearer. This default context shows that it is active when AT+CGACT? is executed:

+CGACT: 1,1
+CGACT: 2,0

This context does not appear active with a call to AT+QIACT? though, so what is the difference between the two calls? Should I be using context id 1 to activate a PDP context, or start at 2?
Note: the default context allows me to successfully ping, establish data call, and download HTTP content, so I do have a connection - but the APN for MMS seems to not work?

How do I know if the APN resolution fails while making a PDP context activation request and it falls back to the default context?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Lourenswillekes,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
For your issue about MMS, please help to coonfirm the following information:

  1. Query whether PS domain is attached or not by AT+CGATT? command. If not, please execute
    AT+CGATT=1 to attach PS domain.
  2. Query the PS domain status by AT+CGREG? command and make sure the PS domain has been
  3. Query the PDP context parameters by AT+QICSGP command and make sure the APN of specified
    PDP context has been set.
  4. Make sure the specified PDP context ID is neither used by PPP nor activated by AT+CGACT
  5. According to 3GPP specifications, the module only supports three PDP contexts activated
    simultaneously, so customers must make sure the number of activated PDP contexts is less than 3.

If all above configurations are correct, but activating the PDP context by AT+QIACT command still fails, please
deactivate the PDP context by AT+QIDEACT command and re-activate it by AT+QIACT command, if still fails,
please reboot the module to resolve this issue.

As we know that LTE module will active a default bearer with default APN after register on network successful. If you test MMS, you need to use the specified APN with a different context ID from default bearer. So you can change context ID to have a try again. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,

Thank you for looking into this with me. All of the above criteria has been met. The PS domain is attached, and I am registered on the home network. The specified PDP context that I am trying to activate has the APN specified (when I check with AT+CGDCONT or AT+QICSGP), and it is not used by PPP nor by AT+CGACT. The activation of the context completes successfully, and I obtain an IP address (seen with AT+CGPADDR).

When testing the MMS, I used a different context ID. and the specified APN for my network. Context activation completes with no issue. I am able to ping (AT+QPING) different domains with the activated context, as well as make HTTP get requests. When I use that activated context ID to try send MMS, it get the PDP context deactivated error after 2 minutes.


Dear Lourenswillekes,
If all of the criteria already met, but still cannot send MMS message successful, it may need to catch module debug log to confirm the root reason. It is better to tell me your company name, your country and your email address, then we can arrange local FAE to support you. Thanks!
By the way, whether you have confirm the APN, URL and proxy of MMSC, and the following sending parameters? And also you can insert this card to your cell phone to confirm whether can send MMS message successful. Thanks!


I am facing the exact same issue.

I followed the example in the MMS application note, and when I ran the command “AT+QMMSEND=300”, I got this error response
+QMMSEND: 769,0

Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Jeevan,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, please follow up the following reference to check it. Thanks!