Does BC66 and BG95-M3 have any integration with Indian Carrier Operator Jio?


We are working with Indian Carrier operator Jio for integrating NIDD with BC66 and BG95-M3, as per Jio, we have to integrate with Jio SDK to connect with their NIDD services.
We would like to know if quectel has BG95-M3 and BC66 firmware with Jio SDK integrated, if yes we would like to request quectel to provide us those firmware.

JIO supports NB or CATm ?
BC66 supports only NB
BG95-M3 can support NB and CATM

JIO supports only NB-IoT

I would like to know about Non-IP data delivery since Jio officials told us that Quectel already has JIO SDK and has integrated with a couple of Quectel modules like BC660K-GL. We would like to know if Quectel has tested the SDK on either BG95-M3 and BC66

Both the BC660K and BG95M3 support non-IP mode

Just out of curiosity how comes you need to SDK to connect to a operators NB-IoT network, Should it not work directly with module?

Hello DJoshi,
SDK is not really required to latch on to a NB-IoT Networks, at least with the operator we are working with.
The operator’s team insisted on getting the already existing SDK customized by Quectel NB-IoT Module, that’s how the question really raised. I later clarified with their team that it can also be solved without the SDK as well.

I assume if NIDD or IP base is supported, then there should not be an issue in latching to the network just with at least AT commands.

We have integrated BC66 and BC660K with Jio SDK (both IPDD and NIDD). There are serious memory issues with BC660K and BC66 was very stable but will be EOL soon hence we stopped working on it

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