Does BC66 and BG95-M3 have any integration with Indian Carrier Operator Jio?


We are working with Indian Carrier operator Jio for integrating NIDD with BC66 and BG95-M3, as per Jio, we have to integrate with Jio SDK to connect with their NIDD services.
We would like to know if quectel has BG95-M3 and BC66 firmware with Jio SDK integrated, if yes we would like to request quectel to provide us those firmware.

JIO supports NB or CATm ?
BC66 supports only NB
BG95-M3 can support NB and CATM

JIO supports only NB-IoT

I would like to know about Non-IP data delivery since Jio officials told us that Quectel already has JIO SDK and has integrated with a couple of Quectel modules like BC660K-GL. We would like to know if Quectel has tested the SDK on either BG95-M3 and BC66

Both the BC660K and BG95M3 support non-IP mode