[Document sharing]-Applicable Scenario of QuecPython

Technical Features #

  • High Efficiency: It is highly efficient and convenient to develop by Python, you can study and take full charge of it easily. Furthermore, there is no need to compile, you can write and test at any time.
  • Abundant API Interfaces: The API Interfaces provided by we Quectel cover the common MCU and development libraries of mobile link connection, which can assure the stable interface and flexible capabilities to the greatest extent.
  • Compatible with MicroPython: Whether in directory architecture or in interface application, the QuecPython is aligned with MicroPython so as to keep the pace with official for upgrade.
  • Data Security: Whether from the view of source code or data transmission, corresponding encryptions have been done, which can make sure the security and privacy of user at maximum.
  • Language Development: Easy and quick to learn; meanwhile, it is stable and reliable.
  • Powerful transplantation: The system architecture of QuecPython can be transplanted and adapted to different application platforms in a rapid way. Therefore, the user just needs to develop the adapter layer interface from we Quectel. As for logic of other applications, just ignore it.
  • Abundant technical support: We Quectel has already provided Quick-start, Teaching document and video step by step, moreover, we also built the official technical support team. User can learn how to use QuecPython from green-hand; meanwhile, we provide technical support during the whole process when developing. For more details, please refer to the QuecPython official website or enroll in the official QQ group of Quectel.

Applicable Scenarios #

In QuecPython, it manipulates MCU or mobile communication module via Python language; as a result, the QuecPython shares the same features with MCU approximately. For details, please refer to following aspects:

  • Intellectual Device
  • Industrial Control
  • Housekeeping Applications
  • Network, Communication and Remote Controlling
  • Modular System
  • Automotive Electric Area
  • Medical Area
  • Mobile Payment Area
  • Teenager Program Education Area

Till now, we Quectel can provide the solution that including source code for Traker, Intellectual Student Card, Cloud Speaker, Paysbox , Industrial DTU and Two-way Radio.