Difference between EC25-AU and EC25-AUGC

may I ask what’s the difference between these two chips. I know EC25-AUGC has only 128m memory. but I don’t know if there is other difference. we want to buy some for testing.

thanks a lot for your help!!

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
EC25AUGC is the cost down version of EC25AU, but the software function is the same and the hardware interface also the same as EC25AU. So you do not need care about it, you just need to confirm with local FAE and sales to confirm the price and exact part number. Thanks!

thanks for the info. it seems EC25-AUGC also lack gps function. if I only want to use wcdma/lte data connection, if there any performance difference between those two? will EC25-AUGC use less power and create less heat since it is simpler?

thanks again for your kindly help!

EC25AUGC can support GPS function. If you just use WCDMA/LTE data connection, it may have no difference between the two module.About the power, they are also have no obvious difference. Thanks!

Got it. thank a lot for your fast response and kindly help!