Connecting to server by MQTT and TSL with certificates. Answer for OPEN is +QMTOPEN: 0,-1

Is the SSL method successfully tested by the MQTT.FX tool ?

Which example from manuals can to fit by this settings?
Which value at [AT+QSSLCFG=“seclevel”] and “ciphersuite” mast i set?

Please contact the sales person and submit the question via JIRA, detailing the problem and your verification results

And what mast i request from they?

Sorry, I can’t help you solve this problem temporarily. I suggest you revisit the question with detailed instructions and your verification process

Hi. I got answer from server’s people. They given log :

2022-09-07T13:51:00: New connection from on port 6422.
2022-09-07T13:51:01: OpenSSL Error[0]: error:140890C7:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_certificate:peer did not return a certificate
2022-09-07T13:51:01: Client disconnected: Protocol error.

They say that the reason is probably that - “Most likely they did not transfer the certificate.”

And give such a description of the connection:

“Description of the process of connecting the device to the MQTTBROKER:
1. The device is connected to the MQTT broker, a
connection is established using encryption using the TLS 1 protocol.2.
2. MQTT broker sends a server certificate.
3. The device validates the server certificate using the root certificate,
checks the date of the server certificate and the compliance of the domain name
(FQDN) and sends a client certificate to authenticate the Device.
4. The MQTT broker authenticates the client certificate. After that
, the data is exchanged in an encrypted format.”

For AWS and other brokers, you may need to enable SNI:

I haven’t used the M08-R but assume this is supported.

How did you generate the certificates? Are they self-signed or generated from the broker?

Thnx for your try to help, but “sni” isn’t exist in manuals for M08-R. Certificates generated from broker.

What about … may be ate you know - about objects MQTT and SSL, such as “TCP_connected”, “ssid”, “ctx index”. By what rules they live?

This problem released. In certificate added one of more bytes and it will fatality. Thank you for help.

Hi. Have you examples sources for host MCU working with modem. with certificates. I’m not sure about certificate conversion. help me please.
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