+CME ERROR: 425 while trying to Get the RAM Space Information of the Storage


I am using QUECTEL UC200T-EM module and facing following issues:

  1. While trying to get information about the RAM space storage using AT+QFLDS=“RAM”(Ref- Quectel_WCDMA_UGxx_FILE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.3), it gives following

+CME ERROR: 425(invalid parameter)

  1. When I use UFS for storing file downloaded using AT+QHTTPREADFILE=“x.txt”,80(Ref - Quectel_WCDMA_UGxx_HTTP_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.2 ), it shows gives

+CME ERROR: 701(unknown error)

File i am downloading is of size 434KB and available free size in UFS is 545 KB.

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Dear Neha Lohar,
Thanks for you inquiry in QUectel forum.
Please check the following answers to your question. Thanks!

  1. UC200T module do not support upload the file to RAM, just support UFS.
  2. It should be the software issue, you can try to upgrade the firmware to the latest version to have a try. As far as i know it should be UC200TEMAAR02A07M16 can solve the issue. But now the firmware still have not released, you can contact our local FAE to get beta firmware to test the function. Or you can send email to support@quectel.com to get the firmware. Thanks!