Can not build SC20 yocto SDK

I have built yocto linux image sucessful in the past with SDK clone from link below

But now i do the same, but error occur as attached image ( build with Docker also have the same error).
How can i solve this problem? Does Quectel updated this link?
Please give the old version of SDK package in gitlab. Many thanks !

Hi thanhtinbk
Yocto needs the help of our internal R&D. Do you have an account of Quectel’s E-service System? If so, you can create a ticket on it. BTW, what is your company’s name and in which country or region?


This problem come because the python version in the sc20 SDK is outdated. If you have a look at the log file, you will see the impossibility to download the six package from the python package repo. It’s planned since 2017… URL is now updated and the old one in no longer available.
I’m using python from the meta-openembedded layer, using the rocko branch. I’m increasing the layer priority to be sure to use it instead of the sc20 SDK version.