[BG96] Time zone information from base station


I am looking for a way of determining correct time based on the information received from the network provider. I understand that there is a time synchronization via NITZ method which gives local time and time zone and an NTP method which gives GMT time. Now in my area NITZ method does not work and the only method left is to use NTP which unfortunately does not provide timezone. Is there any AT API that would allow for getting information regarding location or time (or any other details) from the base station that BG96 is connected to?

I have found some old manuals regarding QuecLocator. Is this functionality available to BG96? That would allow me estimate the location and after some processing the correct time zone.

Kind regards

please add the method

Hi Herbert,

The problem with NTP server is that it is impossible to establish time zone with it. What I am trying to achieve is to get a time zone or location using cellular network connection. I was hoping it was possible to get that information either from base station or by using QuecLocator.

If you need the location feature, you can use the GNSS feature of BG96 or QuecLocator