BG96 firmware upgrade using QFlash fails with at+qmbncfg="list" FAIL

I am running QFlash v5.6, and attempting to flash a BG96 modem that is attached to an STM P-L496G-CELL02 board that is part of the STM32L496 LTE IoT Cellular to Cloud Discovery Pack. I am attempting to flash the modem with STM provided BG96 firmware version BG96MAR02A08M1G_01.012.01.012. The release notes that accompany this firmware are from Quectel and titled “Rev. BG96 Firmware_Release_Notes_V0208., Date: 2019-04-01”.

I am using the Quectel USB DM Port with a Baudrate of 460800. After loading the FW files, upon selecting “Start”, the error
at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL shows up at about 5 seconds.

When I connect using TeraTerm to Quectel USB AT Port and run the command at+qmbncfg=“list”, I only get OK and no MBN list. Am I supposed to “Add” to this list? If so, what do I add and how would I find out the details for this? Thank you.

as you said ,when you use qflash to burn the BG96 flash , you met one err

at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL shows up at about 5 seconds.

What happened after 5 seconds? Did you continue to download successfully or failed

if the download failed finally , pls send us the final err code .
if the download succeed finally , pls ignore this err

Hi Stephen,

At 5 seconds the failure error appeared and nothing continued.
The issue was that at+qmbncfg=”list” was completely unpopulated. It looks like none of the mbn files came with the modem from the factory? I found the mbn directory structure on one of your links and copied that directory to the correct structure with the other update/ mbn files. QFlash was happy at that point and the flashing worked.


Поделитесь ссылкой на файл

How could you solve the problem? How does your working folder structure looks like?
Because I have very similar problems: see my post here.