BG96 firmware upgrade using QFlash fails with at+qmbncfg="list" FAIL

I am running QFlash v5.6, and attempting to flash a BG96 modem that is attached to an STM P-L496G-CELL02 board that is part of the STM32L496 LTE IoT Cellular to Cloud Discovery Pack. I am attempting to flash the modem with STM provided BG96 firmware version BG96MAR02A08M1G_01.012.01.012. The release notes that accompany this firmware are from Quectel and titled “Rev. BG96 Firmware_Release_Notes_V0208., Date: 2019-04-01”.

I am using the Quectel USB DM Port with a Baudrate of 460800. After loading the FW files, upon selecting “Start”, the error
at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL shows up at about 5 seconds.

When I connect using TeraTerm to Quectel USB AT Port and run the command at+qmbncfg=“list”, I only get OK and no MBN list. Am I supposed to “Add” to this list? If so, what do I add and how would I find out the details for this? Thank you.

as you said ,when you use qflash to burn the BG96 flash , you met one err

at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL shows up at about 5 seconds.

What happened after 5 seconds? Did you continue to download successfully or failed

if the download failed finally , pls send us the final err code .
if the download succeed finally , pls ignore this err

Hi Stephen,

At 5 seconds the failure error appeared and nothing continued.
The issue was that at+qmbncfg=”list” was completely unpopulated. It looks like none of the mbn files came with the modem from the factory? I found the mbn directory structure on one of your links and copied that directory to the correct structure with the other update/ mbn files. QFlash was happy at that point and the flashing worked.


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