BG96 connection to (LwM2M) does not work

Hi @all
I am evaluating the BG96 module at the moment and want to get it connected to iot dot quectel dot com.
Well, my starting point was the HowTo-Video at[Quectel IoT Portal].
I have setup the device on the platform and followed the command sequence in the video that is visible at minute 4:29.
What I understand is, that I should restart the module after the command AT+QLWM2M=“apn”,“myapn”
First question: I simply did AT+QPOWD and powered it put again via PWKEY. Is that correct ? I expected that the LWM2M client will start automaticaly and register my module on But nothing happend. I go the RDY and APP RDY message and thats it.
I checked with EFS Explorer if all the lwm2m files have been created and yes, they are in place. I checked if all my settings where in there and yes, they are!
The LwM2M User Guide v 1.1 shows a list of all available command on page 19. Well, my module have only a fraction of them:

+QLWM2M: “select”[,(0-3)]
+QLWM2M: “enable”[,(0,1)]
+QLWM2M: “bootstrap”,(0-4)[,]
+QLWM2M: “qcli_en”[,(0,1)]
+QLWM2M: “psk”[,(0,1)]
+QLWM2M: “apn”[,<apn_name>]
+QLWM2M: “endpoint”[,(4,7),(4,7)]
+QLWM2M: “reset”
+QLWM2M: “clean”

I am running firmware BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.019.01.019.

btw: Sim pin is disabled. The module registers after powerup on the network and AT+QIACT? returns an IP. HTTP client is also working well.

Furtermore: I am using a breakout module without DEBUG_UART pined out :frowning:

My second attempt was to connect to a leashan testserver at leshan DOT eclipseprojects DOT io
To do that, I did first a AT+QLWM2M = “clear”. After that, I replaced the bootstrap.ini with the one with the leshanserver in. After a module restart via PWRKEY, the module registered like expected on the leshan server. So generally my approach seems to be correct.

Can someone please point me to the right direction how to assign my module on quectels iot cloud ?


For the problem of not connecting to quectel lwm2m, the information provided is not enough. We need to catch qwinlog for further analysis. If it is really necessary, please send email to , I will send the log tools for you .