BC660k upload certificate

I use the BC660k modul and will upload the certificate to the modul to connect it with the aws(amazon web service) but i don`t find the correct AT-cmd for that.
With BC96 modul the comman is:

Exist for the BC660k an alternative?

I suggest you refer to BG96’s AT Commad about FILE Operation.If there are any questions, we will continue to communicate.

Hi herbert

The problem is that this At commands don’t exit with the BC660K modul.

or am I making a mistake?

I’m very sorry, By my test, BC660K does not support QFUPL.I recommend you manually enter the certificate content.

Hi Herbert

So is there no opportunity to upload the CA certificate, on the BC660k?

Yes, file manipulation is not currently supported and your CA certificate cannot be saved in the file system.