BC66-TE-B debug output does not work

i have problems with the debug output.
I configured baud rate 115200 and port7 is interface2.

You can use quectel serial tool QCOM to compare and test.

Can you send me the download link?

I just tried it again with a new BC66-TE-B board.
What i did:

  1. connect the board via usb to the pc
  2. checked interface port -> COM10 for interface2
  3. opened putty on com10 with baudrate 115200

As you can see i still have the same problems.

You need to use the genie tool provided by MTK to capture the module debug port log, you can send an email to support@quectel.com for more help.

The interface 2 would not print what you want. You should use the interace 0.

the problem maybe is windows driver for new TE-A board

Hello WizIO

i have read your github and watched the videos on youtube. I am new to BC66 and PlatfromIO,did you have a self blog or any guide about PlatformIO.
Sincerly thanks. :smile:


the blog is blah blah :slight_smile:
PlatformIO doc is here
in principle it is Phyton builder ( as make, cmake ) and is plugin for VSCode
as example for BC66 opencpu script

or just ask in forum