BC66 latest firmware

Hi all,

do you know where can i find the latest firmware for BC66NB? I am using OpenCPU SDK 1.5. Is there any newer?


Update: Meanwhile i got from the Quectel support. Here is it if anyone is looking for the same:


Thanks for sharing the link.
By the way, I have problem executing SSL commands with BC66 running BC66NBR01A07.bin.
Looks like that version doesn’t support SSL. Let me try with this update.

link here


Can i ask you a question?
Now, have you used command QSSL yet?

Can you show me how to update this firmware, pls?

They have tool called Qflash. I think it is quite straightforward to used, so please try that. All you need is a serial connection. If you are using the devkit, then you have it over the on-board serial chip.

I have never tried QSSL though

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