Azure connect problem

I have an M66 modem and I want to connect it to Azure IoT hub using SAS token method. I have generated the password using the SAS token. but I couldn’t establish the connection to the cloud. At command log is
Is anyone knows what are is SSL configuration I have to do for connection?
Are the steps are correct?

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If you have generated CA CE certificates, you will need to place them in the module, please refer to the attached documentation for details.
Hope those can help you.
Quectel_GSM_FILE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.5.pdf (1.0 MB)
Quectel_GSM_SSL_Application_Note_V3.3.pdf (483.2 KB)

Hai @Puck-Q
Thanks for the reply. I’m stuck with the Azure. I have tried both methods. Still unable to establish the connection. If you have any log regarding the Azure connection, then pls share it. I already established the connection using MQTTBox on both methods. when I try it on the M66 modem error is occurring.

is anyone using the M66 modem for Azure connection?
steps I have to follow for the connection? (M66)

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Sorry, I haven’t used Azurer before.please contact our local FAE to support you via email to Maybe they can help you Thanks!