AT commands for EC20 quectel to send senor data to cloud using HTTP GET request in Arduino ide

I’m new to working with Quectel module .
I’m working with EC20 quectel module to send sensor data to cloud using HTTP GET request in Arduino IDE. Please help me with AT commands

Please refer to the attached document
Quectel_LTE_Standard_HTTP(S)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (394.7 KB)

Thank u for the support.
I have one more doubt. I want to get date and time from NTP server using Quectel module.
I tried with command - “AT+CCLK?”. But i’m getting the output - +CCLK: “80/01/06,00:00:29+22”.
Please help me with the AT commands.

Any questions about the CCLK?

How to get [UTC+05:30] time using Quectel module?

I suggest that you can synchronize the time through NTP


I have a new problem.
I have integrated ESP32 with EC20 quectel module.
I wanted to do OTA update suing quectel module.
please help me.

Upgrade the ESP32 software?

Yes. I need to update the ESP32 firmware

The module does not support this function. You can use the module to transparently transmit the ESP upgrade packet, and then the ESP will assemble the package to complete the upgrade

I didnot understand. Can u please brief

I need to fetch the .bin placed in a location using Quectel module. Later the fetched file to be sent to ESP32.
Then the ESP32 module will get updated

Module to MCU upgrade is not directly technical support; You can send the ESP upgrade packet to the module through the server. The ESP obtains the ESP upgrade packet, and then performs the upgrade by itself

How can i do this? Which AT command to be used?

You can obtain the upgrade package through application protocols such as HTTP or TCP

Ya sure. Thanks for the help .

Hi. I’m facing issue in downloading the file from HTTP server.
I’m using EC200 Quectel GSM module integrated with ESP32
I want to do OTA update to my ESP32.
To do that I should use GSM module to fetch and download the file from the HTTTP server.
My question is -

  1. how can i download the file from HTTP server using EC200. Which AT command to be used.
  2. After downloading exactly where my downloaded file stored?

Please help

1、Do you not have the HTTP Application Protocol AT document?You can refer to the attachment
2、The downloaded packets can be stored in the module’s FILE system file or in the ESP space
Quectel_LTE_Standard(A)系列_HTTP(S)_应用指导_V1.3.pdf (528.2 KB)

Can you please share English version of this document

Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G&EM05_Series_HTTP(S)_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (465.1 KB)